Friday, October 8, 2010

HINDRAF semakin kurang ajar !!

GEORGE TOWN: The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has bemoaned the Sultan of Johor’s recent call for caution in the handling of sensitive court cases, describing it as “direct royal interference” in judicial work.
“He has tainted the doctrine of separation of powers and parliamentary democracy,” said London-based Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy in a statement posted today on his organisation’s website.

Waythamoorthy was responding to a Bernama report on Monday that quoted Sultan Ibrahim of Johor as saying, “"It is best not to entertain sensitive cases, especially those involving the powers of rulers."

He alleged that the Sultan sounded like a spokesman for ultra Malay organisation Perkasa and was making “veiled threats to minorities against questioning Malay rights”.

In separate statement emailed to FMT, he said: “The Sultan thinks that if the threat comes from the royalty, non-Muslims can be silenced.”

He called on His Royal Highness to instead “recognize and acknowledge the second limb of Article 153” of the Federal Constitution, which he said provided for the legitimate interest of non-Muslims, and to remind the Umno-led government to do the same.

He said Sultan Ibrahim should play his role as “ruler for all communities”.
full statement: click here
Dey Sunni Thalia! don't you EVER cross the line..do you think your safe out there in London?  I suggest you just stay there till you're dead. 
Our ministry should do something or take some action about this matters!! PLEASE don't pretend to be deaf or fuckin' coward Hishamuddin..
p/s: we are watching you..

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